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Please Give a £2 monthly donation

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In this day and age, £2 is not a great deal of money. Many people spend almost twice as much on a medium-sized cup of Latte from a leading coffee shop or a newspaper.

If enough people gave just a £2 monthly donation to Kidney Cancer UK, you would make a real difference to people’s lives. We would be able to invest more in patient support, we could raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and through that a vastly improve chance of a positive outcome, we could invest further in research for treatments to bring that dream of ridding the world of kidney cancer one step closer, or help us to discover that elusive early diagnosis programme.

We receive no government funding and are forced to rely exclusively on donations from the public and commercial grants and trusts.

The Charity needs to grow and we need to employ more nurses to help deal with the growing demands on our free services, including our patient Support Line. And, we need an additional counsellor to support patient needs as kidney cancer diagnosis rates continue to rise in the UK and indeed across Europe. Your donation could help fund these.

In short, £2 means the world to us and collectively will make a huge difference to the thousands of kidney cancer patients, carers and family members we support for free every day of the week.

Start your £2 monthly standing order now.

Thank you.

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Malcolm Packer

Malcolm is Chief Executive Officer at Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland and has worked with the charity in various capacities for over 15 years.