Support Line: 0800 002 9002
General Enquiries: 01223 870008

Talk To Someone

Talking through difficult times can really help. Whether for emotional support, to access treatment information or to learn more about to support a loved one who is suffering from kidney cancer. Kidney Cancer UK has several ways in which you can talk to a qualified professional.

Kidney Cancer Support Line

You can call our support line to speak to on of our team who are specialists in caring for kidney cancer patients.



Access our free kidney cancer counselling service, via zoom or telephone.

Talk to a Nurse

Speak directly to a kidney cancer specialist nurse.

Support Line


0800 002 9002

Patient Support

Whether you are recently diagnosed, undergoing or completed treatment for kidney cancer, are a carer, a friend or family of a kidney cancer patient, Kidney Cancer UK is here for you .

For further support call our Support Line to talk to a member of our Health team on 0800 002 9002.