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We hope you will find the free publications below useful and informative in the information you are looking for.
We hope these booklets will help you when you and your loved ones need guidance and information about kidney cancer, your surgery and recovery by providing scientific knowledge on kidney cancer, alongside practical information on living with kidney cancer and the wide range of emotions you might be.

To view any publication in this library, simply click the image. Hard copies are available for some of the publication but all are available to download to your computer to keep or print out.

Booklets and Factsheets

The team at Kidney Cancer UK understand that your experience of dealing with kidney cancer and its treatment will be unique to you. We hope the information and insights provided in our Understanding Kidney Cancer booklets will help you make informed choices and find support if and when you require it.

Kidney Cancer UK Accord

The ‘Kidney Cancer UK Accord: Consensus Statement’ seeks to establish a common pathway for all patients across England and Wales.

Kidney Cancer UK Patient Surveys

Kidney cancer patient voices are vital to what we do. We do our best to take patient opinion and experience in to account in order to provide the best, most relevant information and resources possible.

Exclusive COVID-19 Surveys

During COVID-19, we ran surveys to understand the impact the pandemic had on Kidney Cancer patients.

Various Surveys

Here are all other surveys, gathering information from service users and professionals alike.

Various Reports

Collaborations & Third Party Literature

Below you can find our third party literature and collaborations.

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    Patient Support

    Whether you are recently diagnosed, undergoing or completed treatment for kidney cancer, are a carer, a friend or family of a kidney cancer patient, Kidney Cancer UK is here for you .

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