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Community Collections

Kidney Cancer Scotland and Kidney Cancer UK community collections programme ‘Kidney Cancer Care’, provides dedicated support for patients, their carers and families in the heart of your local area.

Through our local teams, we are able to raise awareness and fund raise in the community at a number of locations including supermarkets, football stadiums, shopping malls and town centres. Thanks to your generous support we are able to expand our services providing support in the local community.

How we help your local community

  • Our Health Professional Team facilitates local Support Groups for patient, carers and their families impacted by kidney cancer.
  • Providing patient support grants to patients suffering financial hardship due to a diagnosis of kidney cancer. (Due to COVID-19 these have been temporarily suspended).
  • Assist hospitals and cancer centres with relevant information booklets, fact sheets and support packs to help kidney cancer patients, carers and their families throughout their journey.
  • Further develop services catering specifically to the needs of the kidney cancer community. Including much needed support to patients through our Support Line and Counselling services, both free for patients, carers and their families.

Join our team of community collectors

Like everyone, we have faced much adversity over recent years. As a charity, our team have shown incredible resilience to ensure longevity and the continuation of the support we provide to those impacted by kidney cancer. Due to restrictions during the pandemic, we have lost a significant amount of funding which covers the cost of our services. This allowed us to provide free patient support and counselling to those living with kidney cancer, as well as funding vital research.

Now more than ever we need your help to build our teams to raise more awareness and funds as we move forward from COVID-19.

Becoming a Community Collector is a great way to create positive change and meet like-minded people. Share your ideas, from fundraising activities to helping raise awareness in your local area; everyone is welcome.

What does being a collector involve?

Key Activities:
Holding collections to raise funds for Kidney Cancer UK & Kidney Cancer Scotland. Collections may be in supermarkets, football grounds, or in high streets. We will work together to organise all fundraising opportunities in relevant locations and provide any necessary resource materials.

How it works:

  • Your collection visit may range from two to eight hours. You’ll work as a pair but you may also be required to work independently, or even part of the larger local collections team.
  • The role is on an ad hoc voluntary basis, dependent on successful applications for Supermarket and street collection dates and licences.
  • We will support you with an allowance equal to 20% of your collection to cover travel and refreshment expenses; we never want to see your good gesture leaving out of pocket.

How we support you

  • Induction and training
  • Supply branded uniform
  • Photo ID lanyard
  • Provide collecting cans and buckets, branding including pop-up banners (subject to availability)
    Provide contactless card readers (subject to availability)
  • Additional support if you required
  • A fun environment and team to feel proud to be part of

Become a Community Collector

Our outreach programme is always looking for new ways to connect with local communities and help improve the lives of those touched by kidney cancer, if you would like to collect in your local area please fill out the application form.

Alternatively, you can call 01223 491994 for England and Wales or 0141 428 3494 for Kidney Cancer Scotland.

Our team are here to work for and with you in your local community to help improve the treatments, quality of life and mental health of those living with, and impacted by kidney cancer.

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    0800 002 9002

    Get Involved with KCUK

    Whether you wish to join an event, organise your own, donate your time or money, your involvement is greatly appreciated.

    You will find all you need in our fundraising section to help you get involved with Kidney Cancer UK, have fun and support kidney cancer patients