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Kidney Cancer


Thank you for visiting our kidney cancer pages. Whether you are a kidney cancer patient: recently diagnosed, currently undergoing, or have completed treatment for kidney cancer, or are a carer, or friend or family of a kidney cancer patient, we hope to offer you support and address some of your questions here.
The information offered here is about the symptoms and effects of kidney cancer and generalised routes of possible treatment following professional consultation with your GP or specialist. This information is not offering diagnosis or prognosis. Should you have any concerns whatsoever about your health, any symptoms you may be showing or after effects of treatment, please contact your physician immediately.

Kidney Cancer – Key Facts

Every year in the UK, over 12,600 people learn that they have kidney cancer. The incidence of kidney cancer has been steadily increasing in the UK, mainly attributed to lifestyle factors, such as obesity and smoking.

In addition, an increase in the number of tumours detected when a patient has a scan for an unrelated condition may have also contributed to the rise in the number of cases. Kidney cancer is now the seventh most common cancer in the UK and accounts for three per cent of all new diagnoses of cancer; it is the fifth most common type of cancer among men and tenth among women.