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Create ‘In Memory Of A Loved One’ Page

We are sorry for your loss and would like to support you in celebrating the life of a loved one that has passed away.

With your help we can set up a dignified and respectful page which celebrates the life of your loved one. A page that you can point friends and family to where they can remember with affection, leave their own messages of condolence, and give in lieu of flowers.

To create a tribute page, simply use the form below to submit the required information relating to your loved one and we will create an ‘In Memory Of A Loved One’ page (like the ones here) for you to approve.

Once we have set the page up we will be in contact with you so as you can approve it and then direct people to it so they can leave a message of condolence or donate in memory.

If you have a link for a donations page on Just Giving please add the full link in the “Link for online donations” or if this box is left empty we will add a link to the Kidney Cancer UK donations page where donors can donate in the name of your loved one.

If you require further assitance or are a funeral director looking for support, please call our office on 01223 870 008 or contact us via email