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Professional Training and Research

Research and professional training are of importance to Kidney Cancer UK. Our work in these areas can directly help patients by: contributing to the development of new treatments, helping patients be involved in research and clinical trials; improving the kidney cancer knowledge of health professionals and providing a voice for patients about the treatment and care that receive via our own surveys.

Kidney Cancer Training Programme

The course has been awarded 3 CPD hours.

We offer an online training course which aims to increase nurses specialists knowledge in kidney cancer. With the aim to keep health care professionals up-to-date with current kidney cancer treatments and care which will be of benefit to them and to their patients.

If you are a health professional you can click here to be taken to the health professional portal and access the training course. You can also gain access to an online order form for our series of ‘Understanding Kidney Cancer’ booklet and Support Line poster which you can display in practice, clinic or hand out to your patients HERE.


Kidney Cancer UK actively fund research projects into kidney cancer. Some of our sponsors specifically ask for their donations to be put to use funding grass roots research. With the aim of contributing to research that could lead to a cure for kidney cancer and improve current treatments. If you are interested in specifically donating to research please contact us.

Clinical trials

We provide a service to enable you to get involved in clinical trials if you wish to HERE. Finding information on relevant clinical trials, especially in your location can be difficult. We have described the clinical trial process in more details on the ‘clinical trials’ page and given you the relevant ‘key words’ and link to the clinical trials gateway that you can use to find suitable clinical trials. It is also worth asking your doctors and nurses if there are any clinical trials that you can get involved in if this interests you.


Kidney Cancer UK run an annual patient survey to find out what you think of the care and treatments that you have received. It is also useful for us to know what type of treatments and care are being received across the country to make sure that there is uniformity. The survey also helps us form ideas for future campaigns, highlighting areas that need improvement; for example early diagnosis.

Occasionally we will run mini surveys to find out your opinion on a specific area or topics happening at the time. In we have presented our survey results to a number of conferences and organisations including The International Kidney Cancer Coalition Conference (IKCC), the national Early Diagnosis Conference, and many other industry bodies spreading the word about the need for improvements kidney cancer early diagnosis.

All survey results can be viewed HERE. Please get involved in these surveys if you would like your voice to be heard and would like to contribute to improving kidney cancer care.

For Health Professionals

We have resources for professionals who are working in the area of kidney cancer treatment and research.