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Richard Jetten
18th November 1968 - 5th May 2024

Always fun and ready with a smile. A friend and great supporter of the Charity who will be gretaly missed by family and friends.

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Richard Jetten on 5th May.

Richard was a close member of the Kidney Cancer UK family and a tireless advocate for our cause.

Richard was the voice of the kidney cancer patient community and attended NICE hearings where he shared his personal kidney cancer journey and helped get new drugs approved for other patients. He regularly attended the metastatic support group meetings where he was a light to others, always offering his support and help.

Richard was known for his great sense of humour, kindness, and unwavering spirit. He touched the lives of so many with his compassion and always wanted to help other patients.
As we mourn the loss of Richard, we also celebrate his life and legacy. His support and work laid foundations which we will continue to build upon.

Thank you, Richard, for your unwavering dedication and the light and friendship you brought into our lives.

You can donate in memory of Richard by using yhe ‘your motivation’ drop down box and and selecting ‘In Memory of a Loved one’ nd adding Richard Jetten.

Donate in Richard’s Memory

Picture is Richard with his wife Andrea (left) and his younger sister, Jane.


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