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Narendra Mehta B.E.M.
8 November 1949 - 6 May 2021

Narendra, our hero. Rest in Peace.

Dad, we still think of you and miss you every single day. It feels like you’ve been kidnapped from us. It breaks my heart that you’re not physically here anymore.

You have faced and overcome so many challenges throughout your life.

Despite that, you did so much to help so many adults and children (friends, family, relatives, colleagues and strangers) for many decades, both in England and abroad. You also did a lot to help the community and different charities.

You also managed to travel to so many different countries.

Throughout your life you have been strong, funny, kind, caring and adventurous.

You thoroughly deserved your British Empire Medal. You behaved with strong values, morals and principles throughout your life.

The world has lost a good man. If more people were like you, this world would be a better place. Wherever you are, I am sending you a big hug. You will always be in our minds and our hearts.

Take care.  Love always. Anand xx

P.s. In honour of you, we have set up this tribute page so people can write their own tributes / memories of you & if they wish to, they can also click on the ‘donate’ button (above top right), for fundraising to help others with kidney cancer who are going through what you did.



  1. Purnima

    Narendra, we all miss you very much, even looking your photos, bringing your last painfully journey. I am happy that God didn’t let you suffer for longer as, seeing you in the pain, I was praying God to take you earlier. Just praying God that for 5 minutes bring you front of me then, take you back. Everything has happens so quickly and peacefully that, I didn’t realized that you are on your last stage. You were ready to go. It’s like a bad dream. When we came home and I fall a sleep with exhaustion, by mistake Anand made some noise and I panicky walk up and started to shouted “ Narendra are you ok? “ and Anand look at me and I realized, you are no longer with us. It’s a over one year but still hasn’t forgot that painful days. Prema missing you lot and I am trying my best to keep in control all the situation but I don’t know for how long? You have been kind and sometimes too kind and too soft. If everyone like you then world would be the best place to live but when only few people like you then life throw challenges. Love you and always will. Purnima

  2. Prema Mehta

    We can all follow structures in life, in terms of education and the usual steps of development, but nothing prepares you for losing a parent in front of your eyes. There’s no training for that. I spent your last night lying besides you. I played one of your favourite songs, Tom Jones’ Green Green Grass of Home towards the end. I remember arranging the family farewell by texting with my left hand and using my right hand to hold yours, never letting go.
    I didn’t cry, until hours after you were gone – I stepped out into the beautiful garden at the hospice and then finally cried. But you didn’t let me cry for more than 10 seconds, because a flock of birds came out of nowhere and loudly flapped above me and I just knew you were saying ‘Don’t cry, the world is bigger. Look up!’
    I try to deal with grief by reframing it as legacy – what could I do to carry on your work, your beliefs, what you taught us? I keep in touch with your boss and your friends. You taught us many things – the importance of helping people where you can, be kind, travel and the fact that no two days are the same. You encouraged us to be strong. I still ask your advice and most of the time, I hear you. I even enjoy disagreeing with you. I hope I never stop hearing you. I will always need you. I just have to hope you are watching from somewhere. We will continue your legacy, Daddy BEM. We miss you hugely. Xxxxx

  3. Babubhai Mehta

    Narendra had a pleasant personality. He really helped all family and friends. He believed in charity. He has jovial nature. We all miss very much. His soul rest in peace.

  4. Jagdish Mehta

    you were always the centre of attention whenever the Mehta families got together. Nowadays, only the elders are regularly getting together and still miss your jolly nature. Smita, myself, Achal and Jigna are here whenever Purniabhabhi, Anand or Prema asks for support
    God Rest his soul in peace1🙏

  5. Arvind Mehta

    Narendra you are very dearly missed by us all.
    Your willingness and caring nature to help all the family members and friends was outstanding.
    We are very thankful to you for settling us down in this country and see us what we are today.
    I am sure you are watching us under that wondering star in the sky.
    May you rest in peace.
    Jay Shree Krishna 🙏

  6. Arvind Mehta

    Narendra you have helped us settle down in this country and see us what we are today.
    You have always given good advice to us all.
    We miss your presence dearly.
    You deserve your BEM medal for all the charity work done here and abroad.
    We are very grateful to you.
    I am sure you are watching us under that wondering star in the sky.
    Your suffering is now over and rest in peace.
    Jay Shree Krishna 🙏


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