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Leon James Neale
21 May 1953 - 21 August 2017

A golf fan who never complained & kept fighting

Leon had no symptoms other than a back ache which started around Christmas 2013, which was increasingly becoming more painful, but because of the work that he did we thought it was a pulled muscle and it was diagnosed and treated as sciatica.

Eventually being sent for x-ray, then scans Leon was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer which was in the bone in February 2014. After diagnosis never once did he complain or ask why me; once treatment started he got back out on the golf course as soon as he could playing as often as possible. We carried on as normal, around the treatment which was working well for him.

We had as many holidays as we could both in the UK and abroad, including the Ryder Cup 2014; holidays included just the two of us, other family members or our Son & his partner and our Daughter & her partner. He carried on spending as much time out and about with our 3 Granddaughters as he could who he adored and was so proud of.

By March 2017 he started his 3rd line treatment, the second having not worked for him at all and the cancer had now also gone to the liver and it was becoming more difficult to control the pain.
However we were still being positive and planning a holiday later in the year, he had a couple of spells in hospital which meant we had to cancel our holiday to The Open 2017.

Then on Monday 14th August Leon was admitted to hospital, we were expecting that they would get him sorted out and he would be home in a couple of days, but in the end we lost him so quickly; on the Thursday we had the bombshell that he possibly had months only to be told Friday morning that it was days.

He kept fighting and took his last breath at 6 minutes past midnight on 21st August. Our Family were able to say goodbye to him including our granddaughters The bravest person I have ever known, so loved and missed by us all


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    I knew Leon when he worked For Maruman Uk in the Holloway Road. This was from 1977 to 1981. We used to play ping pong at lunchtime. He talked about his time on ships and being the manager of a Chna Shop. He was living at Walthamstow.


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