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Thank you for considering fundraising for Kidney Cancer UK

Thank you for supporting Kidney Cancer UK, without you we would not be able to deliver our services to patients, their families and their carers across the UK.

There are lots of ways to fundraise including taking part in organised events or even coming up with your own, novel, ways of raising funds.

Whatever you do, before you dive too deep, take a look at our Fundraising Pack page for support, tips and ideas by clicking here. If you need our support, we are happy to support you in any way we can so drop us an email here.

Thank you, happy fundraising and good luck

Community Collections

Everything you need to start collecting for Kidney Cancer UK

Fundraising Events

Everything you need to join one of our fundraising events or create your own

Corporate Sponsorship

Find out how your company can help Kidney Cancer UK

Inflatable 5k

Inflatable 5k

Get ready to bounce your way through The World's BIGGEST and most EPIC Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course! multiple ...

How your fundraising efforts help our cause

From very rare diagnosis to hope

From very rare diagnosis to hope

A blog written by kidney cancer patient Kirsty Neilson My journey begins My story began back in 2021. I was having an ultrasound for my endometriosis and the sonographer found fluid on my left kidney. The sonographer informed me that usually fluid is a sign of a...

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Get Involved with KCUK

Whether you wish to join an event, organise your own, donate your time or money, your involvement is greatly appreciated.

You will find all you need in our fundraising section to help you get involved with Kidney Cancer UK, have fun and support kidney cancer patients