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Our Ethical Policy

Kidney Cancer UK Working with Trusts & Corporates

Kidney Cancer UK is keen to explore working with partners in the Trust and Commercial sector in order to support research and innovation into the causes and treatments of kidney cancer and its associate conditions.

KIDNEY CANCER UK holds an ambition to increase its funding towards further research where we believe there is a direct and immediate benefit to the patient’s treatment and well being.

Our approach to partnering with those in the commercial and trust sector is to build upon the guidelines as detailed by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) core principles for collaborative working – Integrity, Independence and Transparency  – and on the guidance published in March 2019 by the Charity Commission on how charities should connect with non-charities.

Integrity – All partners must be aligned with the values of KIDNEY CANCER UK which are that the kidney cancer patient must be treated in an informed and compassionate manner as we ourselves will always act with honesty and integrity in all that we do in support of the patient.

Independence – KIDNEY CANCER UK will ensure that it maintains independence of its decision making in all partnerships. We are an independent organisation and a voice for those affected by kidney cancer in the UK and will always remain so.

Transparency – All partnerships must be transparent. We will be clear on which organisations we are working with and our decision as to why they have been chosen. All details of those partnerships will be published on our website throughout the duration of their support.

All KIDNEY CANCER UK partnerships must conform to Charity Commission guidelines and the codes of practice of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and other relevant trade bodies for the Charity sector.

Partner organisations will also be expected to comply with the requirements of umbrella or trade bodies, depending on the activities of the partner organisation.

For the healthcare industry these bodies include the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the UK BioIndustry Association (BIA).

Funding from Tobacco Industry or its subsidiaries

Kidney Cancer UK reserves the right to protect our own research funding where there is likely to be close proximity of our funding to that of tobacco industry funds.

KIDNEY CANCER UK will not provide financial support to those supported by tobacco industry funding. We will also not provide financial support where those who are, or would be, supported by our funds are working in such proximity to others supported by tobacco industry funding that there is any possibility or likelihood that facilities, equipment or other resources will be shared.

The application of this rule would apply to e-cigarette companies which are fully or partially owned by tobacco companies.

KIDNEY CANCER UK will consider funding research teams in close proximity of those funded by an independent e-cigarette company, those in receipt of funding from independent e-cigarette companies and those working alongside independent e-cigarette companies, where independence for e-cigarette companies is understood as the absence of ownership, funding, or comparable engagement with a tobacco company. We reserve the right to place additional conditions on applicants to avoid our brand being directly associated with an individual e-cigarette company or individual e-cigarette brands. We will continue to examine the questions raised by e-cigarettes and by the rapidly changing structure of the e-cigarette industry, and we will therefore regularly review this approach.

Unhealthy food and drink marketing

KIDNEY CANCER UK will continue to have a policy of ensuring that any partnership it enters into in this area has a direct and committed policy to the reduction of both sugar and salt within their products.