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Support & Wellbeing

Real compassion means to understand what the needs for body, mind and soul are.

When you need someone to listen.


Our Counseller, telephone Careline or Facebook group is here to help when you really need someone.

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Regain your strength through gentle exercise.


Use our gentle yoga or mild fitness routines help you to heal and strengthen in your journey.

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Take the time to stop; gather your thoughts.


Relax and let your mind be free to focus on your inner peace through Mindfulness and Meditation.

Let’s Relax

These sections are designed to help strengthen your mind, body and soul during your kidney cancer journey.



Our Support service offers the UK’s first dedicated kidney cancer counselling service which compliments our popular and well established free-to-call, Kidney Cancer Careline


This area focuses on helping you back to fitness with Yoga, Exercise routines and dietary advice. We must make it clear that you should ALWAYS consult your medical team before undertaking any exercise to make sure you should be doing it and then the exertion level you should be at and discuss any dietary changes before you start them to check it does not effect you medication.medication.


Our Mindfulness page will help you cope with the everyday challenges you you face as a patient and is also there for carers and family members.