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Team Tribs

Team Trilbs & The #TeamKCUK Runner

‘Where to start?

I don’t have, but I am someone like many, living with kidney cancer. I first came across it in 2014 when my brother in law was diagnosed with kidney cancer and if I’m honest, I didn’t look into it in any depth.

In 2016 my mum fell ill, suffering numerous water infections which culminated with her also being diagnosis with kidney cancer and having her kidney removed. I then thought; “why don’t we hear about this, disease?”

After discussing her cancer, and that of my brother in law’s, I realised how little we knew of kidney cancer. I work in a local shop/ Post Office and was shocked how many people I knew or interacted with who had been affected by kidney cancer when I started talking about it.

I decided to ask a group of friends, who have become known as ‘Team Trilbs’ (named after my mum), if they would help me with a tabletop sale to raise money. We never expected the result we got.

People coming and just having a cuppa to chat. Two special young ladies came to that event, still close to the death of their father. They were so open about it they were a huge inspiration to me. They now message every time they know there’s an event due to come and help.
This was the start of my Ambassador story, although without ‘Team Trilbs’ I wouldn’t have been able to spread awareness of kidney cancer as I have.

We did Kidney Cancer UK’s ‘Walk for A. Cure’, not realising that Adrian Cure, who the walk was started for by his friends and widow, was actually from our village Wellesbourne in Warwickshire! And, with the support of his family we managed it to complete our walk for A. Cure!
I discovered the best way to fundraise is play to your strengths. In my case it’s cakes, cakes and more cakes. Events such as Christmas and Easter fayres and my bad habit of talking to the extreme about my passion.

Mark, my husband’s strength is running. He joined the #TeamKCUK Facebook group and now every run- from 10ks, OCR mud runs and half marathons- is a lesson in Kidney Cancer Awareness. He always runs in his #TeamKCUK top and I answer questions about the illness and chat whilst waiting for him. Everyone now knows him as the #TeamKCUK runner. If you want to sponsor his running go to his JustGiving page CLICK HERE

A young man called Bertie (he’s just 7 years old) whose mum is a member of ‘Team Trilbs’, wanted to join Mark in a Wolf Run to help raise awareness, which he did!! He did great and tells everyone to check their pee for blood spots. He even did a show and tell at his primary school after gaining his running medal. What a little hero!

If you’re looking to raise money or awareness for kidney cancer, and it really needs people to shout about it, just think what you’re good at and go for it; I did and to date I have raised £2400!

Sadly, mum passed away on September 9th, 2019 but we will still stand against kidney cancer and fight for the awareness it desperately needs.’

Margaret Brindle 


Kidney Cancer UK would like to thank Margaret and Mark along with their supporters who make up Team Trilby who continue to help us raise awareness and funds.