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Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2021

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Events News

Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2021

We are proud to be driving Kidney Cancer Awareness Week for the sixth year in succession. The 1st – 5th February is the week where we ask all our friends and supporters to start conversations about kidney cancer. Make as much noise, raise as many hot kidney cancer topics as you can and bring awareness of kidney cancer to everyone. Don’t let the first time they hear the words ‘kidney cancer’ is when their doctor tells them they have it. If we make people aware of the symptoms, the ways to reduce the chances of getting it through healthier living, the ways to avoid contracting a disease they may never recover from.
We have lots of things to save a date for: webinar, a special blog from a CNS, daily images to share and help spread the word, Green Friday with world famous landmarks being lit green and a special Green Friday Quiz Night to join in on.
The results from our 2020 survey to be published here proves this is a hidden killer that strikes without discrimination. The 4th most common symptom of kidney cancer in our survey was no symptom. But there are signs and if people know to join the dots they can at least ensure they bring them to the attention of their GP and at least get them checked.

Patient Survey 2020 #KCAW2021

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Top most common symptoms of kidney cancer:

  1. Long-term pain in back or side
  2. Blood in urine
  3. Fatigue

Kidney Cancer Patient Survey 2020 Results

We will be publishing the details of our Kidney Cancer Patient Survey 2020 on Monday 1st February. Bookmark this page. To view previous surveys, please click here

#LWKCWebinar – Talking kidney cancer treatments

Wednesday 3rd February, 3pm on Zoom


Our special guests for this #LWKCWebinar will be CNS’s from St Bartholomews Hospital who will explain their roles in managing treatments and side effects and a glimpse into their working day.
Then it will be over to you, for an interactive chat to share hints and tips about side effects.

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Go green for Green Friday quiz night

We are pleased to announce Green Friday will fall on 5th February in 2021.
We ask that every one includes something green in their activities, such as wear a green ribbon, hat or scarf, make  green the key colour in your make-up (eyeliner, lipstick, rouge (or maybe it should be ‘grouge’), light your  house green, bake green cup cakes, recite Green Eggs and Ham to everyone you meet!! Anything to get someone to ask,  ‘what’s all this green about’ and you can have a conversation about the importance of early diagnosis of kidney cancer. You can also join in on our Green Friday Quiz night at 7.30pm on the 5th. Entry is £5 per team (one household on one screen). To sign up, CLICK HERE.

Light up, light up……..

We have a raft of national and local landmarks lighting up green to highlight Green Friday andEly cathedral Octagon Tower Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2021. The nearly 20 location include iconic locations such as Blackpool TowerEdinburgh CastleThe Halo of One Canada Square, London –  Ballyclare Town Hall – Bradford City Hall – Civic Centre Clock Tower, Newport, Wales and Clacton Pier. To see if your town is in the list, CLICK HERE.

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Malcolm Packer

Malcolm is Chief Executive Officer at Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland and has worked with the charity in various capacities for over 15 years.