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Support Gillian in her SAS Endurance Challenge

My name is Gillian and I have signed up to do ‘The Fan Dance‘ on the 16th January 2021 for Kidney Cancer Scotland.

The Fan Dance is a 15 miles (24k) load bearing march over an arduous route in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales.

It is part of the selection process for the UK Special Forces and the course is run by ex-SAS soldiers.gillian-piggot

The weight requirements are to carry 35 lbs on your back, not including food or water. Your kit is weighed at the beginning of the march so no cheating will be possible! the-fan-dance-in-snow

I am told that the event goes ahead irrespective of weather so being in January I could be up against wind, snow, rain, ice and freezing temperatures.

I do not have a well formed training plan at this stage as I only entered three days ago but it will consist of lots of weight training at home and with my personal trainer and getting out on the hills when lockdown restrictions are removed.

I have chosen this event because I wanted something that was really going to challenge me mentally and physically.  I love everything about the Special Forces, I read lots of books about them and watch all the SAS Who Dares Wins programmes.

The Special Forces are trained to have a unique mind set which is about being not only incredibly brave but also calm in the eye of storm.   To be able to control your emotions in extremely high pressure situations and not be consumed by them when you feel you are “spinning out”. Also to push yourself to limits you didn’t know you had.

Having gone through advanced cancer with two of my closest family members in the last couple of years, I feel for me there are a lot of parallels with the Special Forces mindset and the cancer journey. The knowledge and mantras I have learned have really got me through some difficult times and they help me to cope continuously.

I have chosen Kidney Cancer Scotland because they provide wonderful support to my beloved aunty and it is very close to the hearts of all of our friends and family.

Gillian Piggot.

Show your support and help encourage Gillian on to complete the Fan Dance, which is nowhere near as delicate as the name suggests, please visit her Virgin Money Giving page here.

Fan Dance