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Sugar Swap September

30 days. 15+ recipes. All low sugar! Can you make the swap and raise money for people affected by kidney cancer across the UK?

Sugar is everywhere. Cakes. Doughnuts. Bread. Pasta sauce, that’s right! Pasta sauce! It’s delicious but addictive, low in nutrients and makes you lethargic which is why we are challenging you to go without it for one month. But what if giving up sugar meant you didn’t have to give up cookies or chocolate cake or your favourite takeaway?

Introducing Sugar Swap! Our month-long challenge to help you swap out sugary treats for healthier, but no less indulgent, treats.  We have created a fabulous virtual recipe series featuring celebrity chefs that’s chockfull of swaps for your breakfast, lunch, dinners and desserts so we’ve got all your bases covered. And, the great news? It’s only £5 to sign up and receive our fantastic recipes!

While you are having fun in the kitchen, your money will be making life-changing differences to people affected by kidney cancer across the UK. You will allow us to continue providing emotional and practical support to kidney cancer patients. You will be funding vital research into better treatments and diagnosis for kidney cancer. We are fighting to find a cure. Will you join the fight?

Sugar Swap sign ups open 05/08/2019.