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nivolumab and cabozantinib

SMC approve of nivolumab and cabozantinib

Statement from Kidney Cancer Scotland on the news of the SMC’s approval of nivolumab and cabozantinib for late stage kidney cancer patients in Scotland.

The news today that two important drugs for kidney cancer have been approved for patients in advanced stages of the disease is welcomed by Kidney Cancer Scotland. Their Regional Development Manager, Karen McNee, said; “To say the approval of these two drugs is wonderful news is a huge understatement. This is massive news for those patients who have been told their treatments are failing and there are no options. nivolumab is an immunotherapy drug which essentially use the body’s immune system to kill the cancerous cells. This is a relatively novel way of treating cancers and this is the first immunotherapy drugs to be approved in Scotland for kidney cancer. Cabozantinib has seen patient’s survival rates improve and the toleration of the drug offer a leap in reduced side-effects, delivering a far better quality of life. These are ground-breaking, life-extending treatments and to have both approve literally means the world to those who will receive them.”

Kidney cancer patient, Tom Wallace, said of the news: “As someone who has benefited greatly from nivolumab for the last 15 months through the Early Access Scheme, I know first-hand of the life changing benefits of this medicine and I am delighted at today’s SMC announcement. Access to this innovative immunotherapy medicine should significantly improve the quality of life, as well as life-expectations, of late-stage kidney cancer patients in Scotland and provide clinicians with a different treatment option”

Joe McCann added: “I know how it feels to be told that there are no more treatment options left – that there is no hope. I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to receive one of these new treatments, cabozantinib, through an early access scheme. I was told after I received the new treatment that if I had not received the medicine my survival chances to Christmas 2016 would have been greatly reduced, and I am still here, this is why I’m so happy that this treatment option is now available for other people suffering with advanced kidney cancer. This is truly a great day for kidney cancer patients in Scotland!”