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Role of Honour

This is a page to honour the lives and friendships of those we have lost who worked so hard with us at the charity to help support  and better the lives kidney cancer patients, carers and their families in the UK.

Pat Hanlon

Dr. Pat Hanlon - July 1942 - January 2020

A kidney cancer survivor, Pat was a highly respected Senior Lecturer with a Doctorate in Transport Economics. He joined the original Kidney Cancer UK team in 2005 and was appointed as a Trustee in February 2007. Since that time Pat kept himself very busy with kidney cancer support work and his campaigning activities. When Kidney Cancer UK merged with the James Whale Fund in 2015, we were delighted to welcome Pat to the new Kidney Cancer UK as a valued Trustee.

We were grateful to have know and worked alongside Dr. Pat Hanlon.

Sarah Ridge

Sarah Ridge - May 1972 - December 2019

Sarah joined the charity in 2007, a year after its formation as the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer (JWF) and played a key part with the transition of the charity from JWF to Kidney Cancer UK in late 2015. Amongst the many key projects Sarah worked on she will be remembered most for the setting up of our online Kidney Cancer Nurse Training Programme. Now well established, the programme helps nurses across the UK and indeed the world, wanting to increase their knowledge and qualifications in kidney cancer. Always a positive force, Sarah was valued and active member of the team, supporting our CEO throughout her tenure and-in a supporting capacity – attending Trustee meetings, organising our national Living with Kidney Cancer Days and managing our office in Cambridge as well as supporting our teams in Scotland.

Sarah was a dear friend and is deeply missed by us all.

Melinda and James Whale

Melinda Whale - June 1949 – May 2018

Melinda played a huge part in the formation of the Kidney Cancer UK, originally setup as the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer, following husband James’s diagnosis and the removal of a kidney in 2000. The work Melinda undertook on behalf of kidney cancer patients as a trustee from the start was selfless, giving and she was always there with an infectious, positive attitude and a happy smile.

We will miss Melinda deeply as a friend and Trustee.

Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor - March 1949 - January 2006

Keith Taylor, a kidney cancer patient, was committed and determined to help other people going through the same experiences. As such, along with Dick Williams, Keith established the original Kidney Cancer UK in 2000. He was a political scientist who shared his natural gifts with the widest body of people, whether writing scholarly texts, editing papers, teaching students, organising musicals or, campaigning for the rights of cancer patients, Keith was in his element working for others.

A man much missed.

Dick Williams -

Dick Williams, along with Keith Taylor, founded the original Kidney Cancer UK in the year 2000. Dick was a kidney cancer patient and sought to get the best treatments for patients as well as helping and supporting those in the same situation as he throughout his later years and up to his death.