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Nurse Training

Nurse Training Programme

Kidney Cancer UK offers a nurse training programme free-of-charge for all nurses and healthcare professionals with an interest in the care and treatment of kidney cancer patients. The programme consists of an online renal cancer course, developed in conjunction with, and local, hands-on nurse study days at various hospital departments throughout the UK.

You can take the course by clicking here

By early 2014 over 3,000 learners have enrolled on the course, and of these almost 65per cent were based in the UK

Comments received to date include

very informative and knowledge enhancing

I undertook this course as a third year student nurse. I have found it very useful for coursework and for my placement

excellent course and would be great if all nurses did it

This course is very comprehensive and has given me a very good overview of renal cancer and treatments available which I have not seen before. I have rarely nursed renal patients, so as a novice this was excellent

very interesting course, good introduction to targeted therapies, and about the trials that are running at the present time

Details of both the online course and upcoming nurse study days can be found on this page.

Renal Cancer Course

This new, online, modular training course for nurses and healthcare professionals with an interest in the care and treatment of kidney cancer patients is developed in conjunction with This is a popular course as demonstrated when over 400 learners from 25 countries enrolled in the first three months.

We are committed to helping to raise the awareness of renal cancer and the need for better and faster diagnosis and treatment. As part of our direct commitment to increasing knowledge and awareness among healthcare professionals, we have developed a university-accredited training course for nurses with a special interest in the care and treatment of patients with the disease. The course has been developed by Clinical Nurse Specialists with a number of years experience in caring for kidney cancer patients. Learning is accomplished through online testing, case scenarios and optional research activities.

This comprehensive course includes the following modules:

  • Anatomy, pathophysiology, aetiology and epidemiology;
  • Kidney cancer (RCC) staging and diagnosis;
  • Renal cancer surgery;
  • Drug treatment for renal cancer;
  • Palliative care of renal cancer patients;
  • Information and support;
  • Case scenario;
  • The future of renal cancer;
  • Conclusion.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the structure and function of the kidneys;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the aetiology and epidemiology of renal cancer;
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the impact the disease and its treatment have on patients and their families, including physical, psychological and socio-economic factors;
  • Discuss how a diagnosis is made and how the cancer is then staged;
  • Describe the currently available treatment options, including the impact these treatments may have on a patient’s life;
  • Be aware of the potential side-effects of these treatments and how they should be managed;
  • Plan the care of a patient with renal cancer using an holistic approach.
  • In general, there is poor continuity of care and follow-up for kidney cancer patients in the NHS, and this is very dependent upon the hospital at which they attend.
  • It is anticipated that the course will address these issues and will be beneficial, not only for nurses with an interest in renal cancer, but also for ward sisters and nurses in other departments to ensure continuity of care for renal cancer patients.

You can start the course by clicking here.

There is no enrollment fee for UK registered nurses and healthcare professionals working in UK NHS hospitals.

Kidney Cancer UK also offers discretionary bursaries for nurses and healthcare professionals working in the UK NHS. To apply, please contact the us by email.