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Gift a Butterfly Box to a loved one



Butterfly Boxes *free to you. These free lovely gifts for kidney cancer patients at all stages of their treatments will lift the spirits at they are full of essential items and support information, for newly diagnosed kidney cancer patients, starting treatment, often a nephrectomy.

The Butterfly Boxes are free, we just ask for the £4.99 cost of postage and packaging and we will send it direct to your loved one with a personal message.

To order:-

  1. Choose which gender your recipient is above, then select 'Add to basket'.
  2. Next you will be asked for your billing address,
  3. Next you add the recipient's address in the 'Delivery address'.
  4. If you would also like to add a message please include this in the 'Notes' section.

The original and very popular Butterfly Boxes were created by a patient after she received a life changing diagnosis and wanted to offer comfort and prevent the feeling of patients felling isolated during journeys. Flutter (a community project set up by a patient) who make the Butterfly Boxes and Cushions, relies on product donations and fundraising in order to provide these items which give support patients. Please get in touch if you can help us to reach out to others 🦋

flutter-boxes-cushionsIf you would like to also order a Butterfly Cushion, CLICK HERE


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