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Plant a Seed for Research

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Kidney Cancer UK News | 0 comments

Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland continue to support research projects such as the national kidney cancer screening programme, which you can support by joining in our ‘Plant a Seed for Research’ campaign. For a minimum donation of £5.00 we will send you a pack of sunflower seeds to sow.  Sunflowers represent new life, loyalty and strength. As a charity, our team have shown incredible resilience to ensure longevity and the continuation of support that we provide to patients, their carers and family members to reduce the harm caused by kidney cancer.

Sunflowers are usually sown between mid-April and the end of May and flower in August, so donate now and receive your seeds in perfect time to start planting.

This is a great opportunity to send seeds to a loved one who enjoys gardening.

100% of the profit from your donation will go to research into kidney cancer.

To participate in our Plant a Seed for Research campaign purchase your seeds here.

Share pictures of your lovely flowers in full bloom on our social media platforms –

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