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The Leibovich Scoring System

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The Leibovich scoring system is a scoring algorithm designed by American urological surgeon, Bradley Leibovich.

It was designed to focused on the patients diagnosed with clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC). It is used to predict a patient’s risk of developing metastatic cancer (cancer that spreads) after having removal of the whole of their kidney (radical nephrectomy). The Leibovich scoring system can help your medical team in their decisions on how best to manage a patient after surgery.

The Leibovich scoring system is quite a complex process, as it takes into account the kidney cancers characteristics and features. This then helps the clinical team work out (with special calculations) the score based on all the information they have gained from the cancer.

The algorithm separates patients into three risk groups and these are;
• Low risk (score 0 – 2)
• Intermediate risk (score 3 – 5)
• High risk (score above 6)

If you have received a Leibovich score and are concerned or need more clarification, contact a member of your medical team or urology clinical nurse specialist nurse as they will know you and have all your medical details.