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Money Concerns

At Kidney Cancer UK, we award Patient Support Grants to patients who experience economic hardship because of a diagnosis of kidney cancer. These grants do not cover treatment or medications, but are designed to ease hardship caused by additional costs of travel to appointments, car parking fees, fuel, care or retraining, for example. The grants are supported by the money raised by the Kidney Cancer UK Lottery.

To apply for a patient support grant, please click here
Follow this link to view more organisations that can help with financial matter.

Your specialist nurse or your GP will be able to advise you about the grants that are available. These can be for mobility aids or to help with heating costs or household expenses related to your illness. Your specialist nurse will also help you claim any benefits you are entitled to. Many hospital departments also have a social worker that can provide helpful information. Go to the useful links for organisations that can help with financial matters, or Macmillan Financial Support for information about financial support for cancer patients.