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shutterstock_230145538If someone tells you that you have cancer it can be hard to take everything in. And it can be devastating if you are being told that your cancer has already spread so far it cannot be cured, or that a cancer you thought had gone has come back.

You will probably go through a whole range of emotions, such as: shock and fear, sadness and anger, disbelief, and numbness. You might find yourself thinking: Why me? Or this can’t be happening to me. There is no right or wrong way to feel; everyone reacts differently. Some people want to share their feelings and worries with their partner, their family or close friends. Others prefer to come to terms with the news first before talking to others.

It’s very common to wonder if things you did or didn’t do in the past are to blame for your getting ill. But it isn’t usually possible to tell exactly what caused a person’s cancer and you may have to accept this. However, some people find they feel much less helpless and more in control if they learn as much as they can about the cancer itself and the ways it can be treated. Even if your cancer cannot be cured, there are ways of slowing it down or stopping it altogether for a time. The treatments can also help reduce or take away any symptoms you have been getting.