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Kidney Cancer UK Patient Survey 2019

Kidney Cancer UK Patient Survey 2019. Welcome to the sixth year of the United Kingdom’s only annual kidney cancer patient survey written exclusively with patients across the UK in mind.

Your time in completing this survey is both greatly appreciated and vital. Through gathering insight into the broad range of life and health experiences/ issues of those affected by kidney cancer, the resulting information and data will enable us to continue to focus on delivering positive changes for patients right across the UK. Along with this Kidney Cancer UK can identify how we can provide the very best support to
you throughout your journey.

IF YOU ARE TAKING THIS SURVEY ON A MOBILE DEVICE CLICK HERE NOW  (a new page will open with the survey in it.)

If you would like to download a paper copy of the survey, please CLICK HERE (a new page will open with the PDF version to download and return via FREEPOST.)

If you would like to a paper copy of the survey to be sent to you through the post to complete at home and return via FREEPOST, please CLICK HERE

If you are unable to complete this survey online for any reason, please feel free to contact our office on 01223-870008 where a member of our team will complete the survey with you over the phone.

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The results of this survey will be published to the public and media in February 2020. They will be presented to highlight the plight of kidney cancer patients, the effectiveness of diagnosis and the treatments for Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2020 which runs from 3rd February, culminating with Green Friday on the 7th February, 2020. Please save the date and help us raise awareness across the UK as one.