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Patient Pathway

Kidney Cancer Patient Pathway

Welcome to our new and exclusive Patient Pathway. Click here to proceed directly to the Pathway

This pathway is designed to help and inform you on your kidney cancer journey. By clicking the different tabs you will be able to view likely pathway scenarios of your treatment. You will find in depth information, videos and printable sheet for you to take to any appointments which may help in various ways; a reminder to ask questions, understand some of the ‘jargon’ or as a comfort.

This Pathway is purely for information and guidance only and should not override, supersede any direction or instructions from your medical support team – i.e. doctors, specialists, CNS, surgeons etc. If you are in any pain or any doubts about your treatment always speak to your doctor.

We hope you find this useful, and any feed back or comments are always welcome to help us build the best possible pathway for kidney cancer patients.

Below is an introductory video on the Pathway we hope you will find useful.