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Kidney Cancer Care Community Collections

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Welcome to Kidney Cancer Care; supporting patients in your local area through Kidney Cancer UK’s communities’ scheme.


Kidney Cancer UK’s communities’ scheme, Kidney Cancer Care, provides dedicated support for patients, their carers and families in the heart of your local area. Through our local team, we are able to present stalls, fundraise in community and offer information direct at a number of locations including supermarkets, football stadiums, shopping malls and town centres. Through your generous support we can feed back into your local needs.

How we help your local community

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  • Providing finances to assist with start up costs to create local Support Groups for patient, carers and their families
  • Continuing annual support towards the running costs of the local support group
  • Providing patient support grants to patients suffering financial hardship due to a diagnosis of kidney cancer.
  • Providing your local hospitals and cancer centre’s with information booklets, fact sheets and support packs to help patients, carers and their families in their journey
  • We provide much needed support to patients in your area through our Careline and Counselling services, both free for patients, carers and their families.

Help us, help your community

Our outreach scheme is always looking for new ways to connect with local communities and help improve the lives of those touched by kidney cancer; patients, carers, families and friends. If you would like to work with Kidney Cancer Care in your local area you can call John Chapman on 01223 491994 or email us through our  using ‘Kidney Cancer Care’ in the subject line.

Kidney Cancer Care is here to work for you and with you in your local community to help improve the treatments, quality of life and mental health of those living with, and beyond, kidney cancer.

Together we make healthy communities


If you would like to work with us in your local area or become a Community Collector please complete the below form or ring John Chapman on 01223 491994