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Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2022

KCAW logo 2022Save the dates for Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2022

We are proud to be driving Kidney Cancer Awareness Week for the seventh year in succession. The 7th – 11th February is the week where we ask all our friends and supporters to start conversations about kidney cancer. Make as much noise, raise as many hot kidney cancer topics as you can and bring awareness of kidney cancer to everyone. Don’t let the first time they hear the words ‘kidney cancer’ be when their doctor tells them they have it. If we make people aware of the symptoms, the ways to reduce the chances of getting it through healthier living, then they may avoid contracting a disease they might never recover from.

Green Friday will fall on 11th February in 2022, so get ready to paint the town, and light up the town, green  and start a conversation.

To join in the conversation on social media include #KCAW2022 in all your posts or search using that hash-tag to read all the posts.

Kidney Cancer UK Patient Survey 2021 Report

We will be publishing the findings from our Kidney Cancer UK Patient Survey 2021 which ran across October and November 2021. These findings have provided many worrying statistics about diagnosis, treatments and aftercare of patients across the UK. We will publish this report on Monday 7th February 2022.


Special #LWKC Webinar

We are delighted to be able present in Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2022, this #LWCK Webinar with Mr Neil Barber, Clinical Lead for Urology at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Director of the Frimley Renal Cancer Centre and a UK leading light in Robot Assisted Surgery (RAS). In the 9th of our LWKC Webinar series, Mr Barber will be discussing kidney cancer ‘Surgery and the recovery process’ followed by a Q&A session on the 9th February 2022 at 6pm.

You must register to attend this FREE #LWKC Webinar.

Neil Barber Webinar event header

To register click here 

Blog, blog, blog!!

We will be running a new blog every day across #KCAW2022

Light Up Green

green friday montage

Do you have a landmark near you? Why not contact them and ask if they will light up green for #KCAW2022 or just for Green Friday? LAst year we lit over 32 landmarks including Blackpool Tower, Edinburgh Castle and Tower 42 in London. Contact if you need us to support you with an approach.