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#GreenStackforKidneyCancerUK Challenge

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Kidney Cancer News

Amina Makele wants to get the Instagram community to join her in her #Greenstackforkidneycanceruk challenge by stacking up green books, snapping them and posting the pictures on social media in aid of Kidney Cancer UK.

On the 11th August, Amina posted her challenge to her Instagram account (@aminasbookshelf) and here she explains how this challenge came about: “A while ago @teawithalmondmilk tagged me in this challenge#GreenStackforKidneyCancer which was started by @mama_bookshark in America who donated $1 for every picture posted of ‘stacks of orange books’ in July to the cancer hospital near her home. So, as I’m a bit late to the game, I am tagging some UK ‘bookstagrammers’ to join in and I’ll donate £2 per ‘Orange Stack’, posted by 31 August (including my own), to Kidney Cancer UK . Anyone can  join in and I just ask, ‘please use the hashtag #orangestackforkidneycanceruk and tag me in your posts to make sure I see them’!”
Why Kidney Cancer UK, Amina? “Well, after reading a bit about this UK charity, I believe it’s a great cause and although I have not personally been affected by kidney cancer (my family has been affected by other types of cancers, though), this is a little opportunity to do some small good in the world.”
On the 31st August Amina followed up her post saying how in awe she was of the amount of people sharing pictures of  their stacks. Moreover, she was moved by the number of personal stories posted by people affected by kidney cancer, and many other types of cancer. This drove home the importance of her joining the challenge even more. To date she has personally donated £400 to Kidney Cancer UK through this challenge.
Amina continues: “I never expected this fundraiser to work so well and I’m absolutely astounded by the power, kindness and compassion of the ‘bookstagram’ community.
In her post on the 31st August, Amina flipped the original idea from America. She explains: “Shortly after posting my challenge Kidney Cancer UK informed me that orange is the colour for the fight against kidney cancer in the U.S.A, whereas the UK colour is green. As the challenge was already in motion, I’ve thought of an idea to address this. If you took part (or want to take part) in this fundraising initiative, it would be fantastic if you could post a green book stack on your main feed or story and tagging @kidneycanceruk. You are in NO WAY obligated to do this and I know many of you have already donated. However, this would be a lovely, final push to show our appreciation for the charity’.”
#GreenStackforKidneyCancerWe would love to see more #greenstackforkidneycancer posts and start with ours here, get posting today….
Here is a draft post to use if you’d like to take part on any social media platform; Facebook, Twitter or the original on Instagram:
The #Bookstagram community on Instagram started #orangestackforkidneycancer and so far, raised has over £400. I’m turning Green to support a fantastic charity and encourage as many people as possible to post a #greenstackforkidneycanceruk and contribute individually by texting ‘KCUK 2’ to 70085 to donate £2. #greenstackforkidneycanceruk #charitystack #bookstagram #orangestackforkidneycanceruk #orangestackforkidneycancer #orangestacksforkidneycancer #kidneycancerawareness #bookblogger
We want to say a massive thank you to Amina for choosing to build on the foundations of the original challenge and pledge towards us. We are also overwhelmed with the amount of Instagram users that have taken part and tagged us. This continues to be a fantastic challenge to raise vital awareness of kidney cancer across the bookstagram community and far beyond at the same time as raising funds to support our work. We are sincerely thankful and grateful to everyone that has taken part!

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Malcolm Packer

Malcolm is Chief Executive Officer at Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland and has worked with the charity in various capacities for over 15 years.