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Innovative Research for Advanced Kidney Cancer – David Braun

Alicia Morgans and David Braun discuss his innovative research in metastatic kidney cancer which focuses on understanding and improving immunotherapies in kidney cancer on

His work utilises immunogenomic approaches to generate mechanisms of response and resistance to existing immunotherapies.  He is working to develop novel immune-based treatments.  David’s key talking points are driven from the thought-provoking question of what is driving the response and resistance to these existing adjuvant therapies in advanced disease, to understand how can we better fit the right drug with the right patient, and also thinking about approaches to overcome resistance.  He focuses on the recurrence in patients who have had their cancerous kidney removed where about half will recur with advanced kidney cancer.  Today immune checkpoint inhibitors are approved and used in metastatic kidney cancer and yet many patients do not benefit from the therapy. The new approach in a phase 1 clinical trial, is aimed at improving the success of immunotherapy for these patients by combining a checkpoint-blocking antibody with a personalized vaccine designed to recognize cancer-specific proteins, called neoantigens, that are present on the individual’s cancer cells but not on normal cells.

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