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Phil Herbert
04/11/1963 - 31/10/2014

Adored and cherished Husband and Stepdad who made such a difference to peoples' lives just by being who he was

Phil requested that donations in his memory go to a Kidney Cancer Research Charity. We have chosen The James Whale Fund as it is the main Kidney Cancer Charity for Wales, England and Scotland.

Reading through some of the numerous cards we have received some of the wonderful words have jumped out at us in describing Phil.  Phil made such a difference to peoples lives just by being who he was. He made the world a better place and now that he is gone we realise how lucky we were to have known him.  He was a man who was respected and appreciated throughout his pathway of life.

He was an adored and cherished Husband and Stepdad and our world has been turned upside down by his short illness and death.

Our lives will never be the same.


  1. Gavin Evans

    A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Always happy go lucky. A real family guy!!! Your one in a million I am honored to have known you. Sleep well.

  2. Paul Nott

    After working together for 16 years, it is the strangest feeling to look over and not see you at your desk. In work you were professional and one of the most helpful people you could wish to know. You are a man of real integrity and honor. It has been my privilege to work with you and know you as a friend.

  3. Liz Johns

    Where to start? Phil (Herbie) you were an amazing uncle although to me you were more like an older brother. I have so many happy memories. You were always so positive and happy and it was clear to all how happy and in love you were with Sue and the boys. You brought christmas to our house when you would arrive every Christmas Eve laden with gifts when we were all growing up, you were responsible for my love of music, oh and I won’t tell all about the panda issues we had. I am so proud to have had you in my life, you were always there when I needed you most. I love and miss you so so much. Xxx

  4. Rosey

    The best uncle in the world! Kind, caring, funny, generous, selfless, always putting others first! Even through your illness, you were always concerned about others! I would come to see you, to try and uplift you, yet you uplifted me, every time! I love you & will never forget you! Sleep peacefully uncle ❤

  5. Rosey

    To my favourite uncle! The best! You are loved, missed more than you’ll ever know, so much, by so many! You’re kind, caring, generous, selfless! Even in your illness you’d be concerned how others were, before yourself! I’d come to visit you, my goal to uplift you, yet I came away uplifted, every time! Sleep peacefully uncle Herbie ❤ love you lots!! Miss you so much!!

  6. Margaret

    My `Baby Brother`. The first thing I remember about you is the day you were born and I was 11 years old and I went and knocked up an elderly neighbour on my way to school as I was so proud to have a new `baby brother`. There are so many things that bring a smile to my face about you. I remember the time when you were `a chaperone` to Robert and I at the age of 6, walking between us with your round glasses and curly hair. Another time was when you got Robert back by taking a photograph of him under the mini-bus after he had called you `shiner`. Robert always looked on you like a brother. You were affectionately known by our children as `Uncle Herbie` and were loved by them all. Whenever we met or spoke on the phone it was as if we had only just seen or spoken to each other despite us being nearly 600 miles away in Scotland for the last 22 years, and only saw each other occassionally when we visited Wales or you came to Scotland with Sue. Despite being the youngest in our family, your thoughts were always for others as has already been said. Robert and I are going to miss you so much! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Alex Burns

    To me Phil was a true friend and colleague,a pleasure to know and special to work with.He always had time to help us dull users and will sadly be missed by his friends in Cambuslang and the Glasgow office.My thoughts are with Susan and his family.

  8. Jason Helps

    Phil will be sorely missed.. He was not just a colleague.. He was a friend who was always friendly and keen to help.. Rest in peace.

  9. Jane Gould

    May Phil now rest in peace and Sue and family take solace from all the lovely tributes paid to him by family, friends and colleagues.

  10. Rhiannon England

    Uncle Herbie – quietly caring, unassuming and a true gentleman. Thinking of others right to the end. An inspiration to his great niece to raise money for this charity. Even at eight years old she was moved by his bravery and wanted to respond in the same positive way that he faced life and its trials. Greatly missed but not forgotten.

  11. Heather Evans

    I was too young, when we lived close by, to properly appreciate the little things Uncle Herbie did that brought moments of sunshine to our house; moments that endured long after the cassette tapes were replaced by cds. His quiet generosity and smiling face is woven through my childhood memories. He brightened lives and inspires us still.

  12. Angharad

    Uncle Herbie, you were the best. Always looking for the good in people and situations. Gentle, caring and thoughtful. One lasting memory of you though, is when you sold Henry vacuum cleaners for a while. I remember going to Aunty Margarets and seeing this contraption with a smiley face, which at the time, I thought was amazing! Even to this day, every time I see one, I think of you. You are greatly missed, and I am privileged to have had you as my uncle. Love you millions xxx

  13. Iwan , Barbara and Sophie Rees

    Phil was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. A true gentleman and always put others before himself. He maintained a positive demeanour and kept his sense of humour up until his passing. In our hearts he will always be our ‘King of France’. We shall miss him dearly.

  14. John Evans

    Although I moved from Wales at a young age and never got to spend as much time with my uncle as others. It is clear to see from others that Uncle Phil was well respected and more importantly loved by everyone. That is a footprint we should all strive to leave in life! My memories aren’t many, but the ones I do have echo what has previously been said. Always had fun playing the playstation, time well spent and il pray for the family on Tuesday.

  15. Iwan , Barbara and Sophie Rees

    Phil was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. A true gentleman and always put others before himself. He maintained a positive demeanour and kept his sense of humour up until his passing and set an example for us to follow. In our hearts he will always be our ‘ King of France’. We shall miss him dearly

  16. Gareth Jones

    The word gentleman is perhaps over used on times but in this case Phil was the very epitome of the word, you couldn’t have hoped to meet a more decent and helpful human being.
    At work Phil brought such a level headedness and calmness to all situations that he was a pleasure to work with and after 16 years of knowing him it is difficult not seeing Phil at his desk.
    It truly was an honour and a privilege to have known you Phil and to have called you friend, good bye butty bach.
    My thoughts are with Susan and Phil’s family at this time.

  17. David Meyerowitz

    A remarkable man with time and interest for everyone. A gentleman with a great sense of humour, putting others first always. As a colleague, a real professional treating everyone as an individual – attending to their needs with a friendly smile. You will be missed by so many, and remembered by all. Thank you for your friendship.

  18. Dave Evans

    Reading these tributes shouts loudly about the testimony of the life you led.

    First things first:

    Herbie – My UNCLE:

    Like my wee brother John, you schooled me in the art of gaming, whether it was the first football game ‘Striker’ or the Amiga or eventually the Playstation. To this day my high level of skill on the PS3 and 4 is solely down to Uncle Herbie. Every time I play Max and win its because of you.

    Like my sisters you brought Joy to our Christmas’s in a tough time in our lives. You were a special influence to all of us also showing us that a brighter future was possible.

    Herbie – My Friend
    When I faced tough times earlier in my life, you stood by me, protected me and helped me in ways beyond words. Your love of each of us and the special relationship you have with Liz was something wonderful to see and enjoy. A great friend who was intelligent and gave me hours of great advice.

    Herbie – The inspiration

    There are people you meet in life who ooze character, are gentle in spirit and leave an imprint on you for the rest of time. Phil that is you, I will miss you, we all miss you. A great man, Uncle and friend.

  19. Susan Herbert

    My Darling, it is coming up to my second Christmas without you and it gets harder each day. I love and miss you so much. All I can do at this time of year and what is supposed to be a happy time, is make a donation to the James Whale Fund in your memory in the hope that they soon find a cure for Kidney Cancer and no one else has to go through what you went through. Until we meet again, my love to you always. Me.x


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