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Christopher Gunning

Beloved father, husband and composer

Beloved father, husband and composer

Our beloved husband and father Christopher Gunning passed away from renal cancer on 25th March 2023. We are all devastated, despite knowing that his time was limited the pain of losing him is not any more bearable. The effect this disease had on him was so distressing for him, and us all, and we hope that contributions to KCUK made in his name might help to prevent others from having this same suffering in the future.

We cherish the wonderful legacy of music Christopher leaves – he was still composing into his final year. Along with his family, his garden and his dog, music was Christopher’s lifeblood and we are so lucky to be able to continue to hear his voice in his music.


  1. Chrystabel Austin

    It was a privilege and a pleasure to know him and to work with him from the early 1970’s and onwards. RIP Christopher.

  2. Ian Farr

    The most classy, and classical Film Composer I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I first met Christopher at Ealing Studios when I was editing a BBC Drama called ‘Wilfred and Eileen’ and had put a famous piece if classical music against a scene – Christopher took one look and gasped “So you all expect me to write the equivalent of Debussy’s La Mer in five weeks!”
    We did and he did, producing a sensitive and romantic score for full orchestra!


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