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Covid-19 Survey 6

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Patient Survey | 0 comments

6th Kidney cancer patient Covid-19 survey shows growing patient confidence

  • 61% only wear facemasks in crowded places
  • 54% say they were now ‘not’ or ‘a little concerned’ of contracting Covid-19
  • 62% of those surveyed are back to face-to-face medical appointments

– Published July 2022

Results of the 6th Kidney Cancer Patient Covid-19 Survey show growing patient confidence in dealing with and the fight back against the pandemic.

Over 90% of kidney cancer patients surveyed took up the offer of a vaccine and boosters with just under 10% declining. 49% contracted Covid-19 with 54% having full recovery while 20% felt they have what they feel to be long-covid.

For 61% of the kidney cancer patients surveyed, facemasks remain in use ‘mostly in crowded places like shops, public transport while 22% say they never wear a mask now and 6% wear one when they remember. 11% wear a mask from leaving to returning home.

Of the kidney cancer patients who tested positive for Covid-19, 69% were contacted by NHS but 25% received no contact from NHS. Only 20 % who were immunosuppressive were offered antiviral medication which for the majority arrived within three days though, 100% of those who received the medication said it reduced symptoms.

For the first time in the series of surveys, when we asked ‘How anxious do you feel about Covid-19 today – Not at all, A little, Concerned, Anxious and very anxious’ the reply was almost 40% saying they were ‘a little concerned’ with 32% saying concerned. We had a similar reply when asking the same question relating to their kidney cancer; 44% saying ‘a little’ and 24% replying ‘concerned’. And what do they feel their chance of catching Covid-19 is today? 74% replied ‘ low’ or ‘medium’ with 25% saying ‘high’, 1% don’t know.

Face-to-face appointments are on the rise, too. 62% of those surveyed are back to face-to-face appointments and the remainder are mostly (88%) receiving telephone consultation.

Nick Turkentine, CEO Kidney Cancer UK said: “We are encouraged to see how kidney cancer patients have adjusted to the new normal of living with Covid-19, though this is by no means a time to become complacent. The autumn and winter will almost certainly see cases raise further and kidney cancer patients need to be extra vigilant, ensuring they are up to date on any boosters and protected to the level needed to keep them safe through the colder months when we are all more susceptible to the virus.”

He concluded, “If you do contract Covid-19 and you are on immunosuppressive treatment, make sure you report your positive test to the NHS and receive the antiviral medication which seems to be very effective according to the survey.”

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