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Case study videos

Here you will find case study video’s from patients who have been kind enough to share the story of their kidney cancer journey, as well as support video’s, video’s from supporters of the Fund who have taken part in event’s and video’s showcasing some of our events.

Hollyann Prince - Living with a kidney cancer misdiagnosis

Hollyann Prince was just 23 when her health took a turn which led to a misdiagnosis and a delayed diagnosis of kidney cancer of which early diagnosis is crucial. Now in 2017, Hollyann talks honestly and openly about the tough journey she is on.

Alan Speight

Over the last 20 years Alan has under gone a wide range of surgical procedures including ablative surgery to deal with the kidney cancer tumors as they develop from Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) syndrome. Professor Dr Tze Min Wah has treated Alan since 2005. This is  Alan’s story.

Dr Fran King

Dr Fran King has kidney cancer and has been prescribed the drugs #Pazopanib, #Sunitinib and is currently on a clinical trial for #Nivolumab. Here, along with his oncologist, Dr Kate Fife, Frank talks about those drugs effects and his kidney cancer journey.

Dorothy MacMillan

Dorothy MacMillan is a true survivor and kindly shares her kidney cancer experience, including talking about how she copes with the the side-effects of the medication.

Don MacMillan

This is Don MacMillan and he has kindly shared his experience of living with kidney cancer from the point of view of a husband who cares for his wife, Dorothy, who has kidney cancer.


Hill runner, mountain rescue member and all round fitness enthusiast Linda showed no real signs of kidney cancer. When she went to her doctor with a totally unrelated minor ailment she could not believe the news she eventually got.

Dave Chessum

We are deeply saddened to say that Dave Chessum passed away on the 10th June 2017. Dave was a wonderful, giving and inspirational man. Our condolences are with his family and friends and we thank them for allowing us to use this video. He will be missed. 

Dave shared his journey which has included being treated with and the side effects of the drugs #axitinib, everolimus and the new drug #cabozantinib.

Mike Tunstall

Mike Tunstall lost a kidney to cancer only to have the threat of losing a second to the disease present itself a few years later. This is his story of how he came to opt for cryoablation treatment above others available.

Terry Fox

Terry Fox is married to Geraldine and he has cared and looked after her throughout her kidney cancer journey. This is his story.

Mary Dawson

A Patient’s Story. In her own words, Mary Dawson kindly shares her kidney cancer journey with us. Thank you Mary.

Donald Marshall

Donald Marshall, a kidney cancer survivor, shares his journey with and discusses his involvement in and the benefits of our Buddy Scheme.

Ed Gerrard

We are deeply saddened to report that Ed passed away on June 5th, 2017. He was a brave man and we were blessed to have his support and friendship. Our condolences are with his family and friends.

On Friday 23rd September 2016, Kidney Cancer UK held its annual Presidents Dinner at The House Of Lords, Peers Dinning Room in the glorious settings of The Palace of Westminster. Our speakers included our Chairman James Whale, Game of Thrones star James Cosmo and Ed was our key speaker.

Martin Everett

Martin Everett was kind enough to share his kidney cancer journey at our Southampton Patient Day on
December 3rd, 2014

Christy Watson

Christy Watson, a kidney cancer survivor shares her experience of taking part in a kidney cancer clinical trial at our sister charity Kidney Cancer Scotland’s Kidney Cancer Information Day.

Maria Doherty

Maria Doherty shares her kidney cancer story with us and talks about our Buddy Programme. We thank Maria for sharing this part of her life for the benefit of other kidney cancer patients.


Diagnosed with kidney cancer? Undergoing treatment for kidney cancer? Are you careing for someone with kidney cancer? Do you need a Buddy? Well we can help you find one.

Nick Maude

In July 2011, Nick Maude, from Upton Grey near Basingstoke, and Richard Perkins from Winchester cycled the ‘Etape’, a 208km one-day stage of the Tour de France in the Massif Centrale. Tragically, just four months later, Nick Maude died following a late diagnosis of kidney cancer. Richard along with friends Roger and Simon talk about Nick and tell his story through their eyes.

Alan McLoughlin, Portsmouth FC

In 2012, former Portsmouth FC first team coach, Alan McLoughlin was told he had kidney Cancer. This is his story.

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