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Patient & Carer Buddy scheme

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Many patients with kidney cancer feel overwhelmed and struggle emotionally with their diagnosis and most family members and friends want to offer their help and support. But it can be difficult to discuss cancer with someone who has never had the disease.

Connecting one-on-one with another patient or a carer of someone with kidney cancer who has faced the same issues you are facing often helps.

The Kidney Cancer UK Peer Buddy scheme matches volunteer buddies who are kidney cancer patients together with other patients in a similar situation, to offer emotional support and friendship. We also offer to Buddy carers of loved ones with kidney cancer together.

The Kidney Cancer UK Peer Buddies will connect once a week for a friendly chat over zoom or on the phone. We hope that the scheme will help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation many patients and carers feel.

If you are interested in The Kidney Cancer UK Peer Buddy scheme and connecting with someone experiencing a similar situation to yourself, please email Sophie, our Healthcare Professional Nurse, HERE who will happily provide you with more details.

If you would like to talk to one of our support team, visit our Support Line page HERE or enquire about our free counselling service HERE

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Whether you are recently diagnosed, undergoing or completed treatment for kidney cancer, are a carer, a friend or family of a kidney cancer patient, Kidney Cancer UK is here for you .

For further support call our Support Line to talk to a member of our Health team on 0800 002 9002.