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About our income and outgoings

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Kidney Cancer UK News

Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland operate under the umbrella of our parent company Kidney Cancer Care Ltd which is a registered charity in England and Wales (1120146) and Scotland (SC043642).

As a charity we receive no government funding and as such rely of the generosity of the general public through donation and our cash collections team in high streets and supermarkets across England, Scotland and Wales. we also receive funds from Trusts and legacies which really are an important boost to enable us to do the important work we undertake in informing and supporting patients, raising awareness and funding research.

Along with this income, we are grateful for the support of corporate donation. The funds we receive from sources are given and received on the clear understanding that there is no input or influence on the work the charity is doing and are mostly given to support educational or awareness campaigns.Kidney Cancer UK welcomes donations from individuals, organisations and companies, including pharmaceutical companies. The Charity only accepts funds that are unrestricted and not designated for a narrowly defined purpose.

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