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Aaron's Pennine Way Push in aid of kidney cancer – Join in!

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Kidney Cancer UK News, Personal Stories - Blogs

Walk the Pennine Way in aid of kidney cancer!

 In 2013, Aaron was diagnosed with kidney cancer which was a massive shock to him at 31 years old. It’s taken him a year to go through the treatment process and be deemed all clear!
Aaron said ‘Kidney cancer, if caught early enough like mine was, can be beaten and lives can be saved but for 1000’s of people by the time you actually have any symptoms its just too late. This then leads to major surgery, months of drug therapy and much much more. I could sit here and tell you all the stories that people go through but trust me when I say its not pretty and I don’t really want to re-live my story either. The one thing I can assure you of is even though I have been given the all clear every little lump or bump I feel for the rest of my life always in my mind makes me think the cancer has returned. Once diagnosed with cancer of any form your never away from it! Please donate and help me raise funds to cure cancer, as the next time it strikes it could be you or one of your family or friends fighting for their lives or survival. ‘
pennineway_overviewHis fundraising idea is to walk the Pennine Way only surviving from the land alone! So far there are 15 people actually doing the walk which includes 3 children. The walk starts on Monday 14th of July.
Aaron is hoping to get more people involved, therefore if you are interested in joining the challenge please contact him on  07923040106 or via email
People can join in for just a day, weekend or the whole walk as he will be creating meeting points for others to join the group. Please see his Facebook Event Page for news and updates!
To support Aaron and his team’s effort please visit his Just Giving page here.
The Pennine Way is a National Trail in England, with a small section in Scotland. The trail runs 267 miles (429 km) from Edale, in the northern Derbyshire Peak District, north through the Yorkshire Dales and the Northumberland National Park and ends at Kirk Yetholm, just inside the Scottish border. The path runs along the Pennine hills, sometimes described as the “backbone of England”.
[Source: Wikipedia, Pennine Way]
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