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Green Is The New Black (Friday)

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Events News | 0 comments

So now, Green Is The New Black (Friday)!

In support of Kidney Cancer Awareness Week, Kidney Cancer UK is asking everyone to wear something green for Green Friday on February 10 and to share pictures of their support by posting pictures on social media, using the hashtag #kcaw2017.
Green is the established colour for showing support of kidney cancer across the UK and by wearing anything green, from a simple green ribbon to a full green outfit, people can help to raise the awareness of a disease that strikes *12,500 people a year, killing *4,200.
Disturbing new figures have come to light through Kidney Cancer UK’s recent Patient Survey:

  • 70% of people reported that they ‘did not feel unwell prior to diagnosis’; of which 25% said they only felt unwell because of an ‘unrelated illness.’
  • Blood in the urine as a first sign – a commonly-quoted indicator of kidney cancer – showed up in just 46% of people surveyed.

Nick Turkentine, CEO of Kidney Cancer UK said; “This small token of simply wearing something green on February 10 is a lovely way to help raise awareness of this dreadful silent killer. We have to get the word out through Kidney Cancer Awareness Week about kidney cancer symptoms and what to look for, as cases are increasing: in 2013 there were 11,800 people in the UK with kidney cancer and in 2014 there were 12,500. So, we say, forget Black Friday! Green is the new black; support Green Friday on February 10.”
Neil Barber, a leading UK kidney cancer surgeon, added; ‘Statistics suggest that the incidence is projected to rise by *26% in the UK between 2014 and 2035. Although there has been a more than *70% increase in mortality from kidney cancer in the UK since the 1970s, earlier diagnosis and better treatments for advanced disease has seen a rise in mortality of only 6% over the last decade, with a projection that the next ten years will start to see a slight fall.”
For further overview or full copy of the survey CLICK HERE
To join in and support Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2017 on Facebook and Twitter use the hashtag  #KCAD2017

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Malcolm Packer

Malcolm is Chief Executive Officer at Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland and has worked with the charity in various capacities for over 15 years.