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Blood in pee – early diagnosis of kidney cancer

by | Aug 31, 2014 | Kidney Cancer News

Be Clear on Cancer – Early Diagnosis of Kidney and Bladder Cancer

blood in pee-posterFollowing the huge success of the Blood in Pee campaign last year, Public Health England (PHE) will be re-running this national campaign later this year in October & November.  Be Clear on Cancer aims to improve early diagnosis of cancer by raising awareness of signs and symptoms, encouraging people to see their GP without delay. Each year, around 17000 people in England are diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer and approximately 7,500 die from these diseases. Furthermore, it has been estimated that around 1000 deaths from bladder and kidney cancer could be avoided.
Blood in pee campaign is successfully changing levels of public awareness.  Confidence of knowledge of signs and symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer improved from 28% to 41% and there is 47% increase in diagnosis of kidney cancer following a two week wait referral.*
As I am sure you are all aware, case studies are an important element to any health campaign as they add the real dimension needed to help raise awareness of this disease and the related issues and they help encourage others to talk about it. Ideally, we need to hear from those patients who:
•    were diagnosed over the age of 50
•    visited their doctor after noticing blood in their pee
•    were treated successfully and have made a good recovery
•    are willing to speak to media/be photographed
If you or your carer or relative are willing to talk about your experience of bladder or kidney cancer it would be great if you could get in touch with us in the first instance so that we can have a brief chat before putting you in touch with the relevant people. As always, we will never pass on your contact details to anyone without checking with you first.
As mentioned above, your involvement is a key part of the campaign and an invaluable asset when encouraging others to seek help or advice on kidney cancer and we hope that you can help with this vital campaign.
We do hope that you can help. If so, please phone us on 01223 870008 or email Sylwia on
* Source NHS Choices, Blood in pee campaign 

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Malcolm Packer

Malcolm is Chief Executive Officer at Kidney Cancer UK and Kidney Cancer Scotland and has worked with the charity in various capacities for over 15 years.